Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now what?

Wednesday night a big storm came through and damaged alot of our small town. The hardest hit was mainstreet where the gym was. I stress the word WAS bc it was so damaged that the building has been condemmed. Charlie is now out of work, luckily I start my job on Tuesday morning. Looks like its not going to get better, like we had hoped.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too much television??

Yesterday me and the kids were outside playing. Then, Wes made a sudden discovery... BIRDS! As he watched in amazement, one flew off the branch and somewhat over his head. Wes points to it and says, "WONDERPETS!!!!". I'm cracking up- "That was wonderpets?" I asked him. "Uhhuh" he says, "flyboat!". Oh Wessy.. you're so silly.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My girl..

Ok, I must say, I love love love my boys- but after waiting for my little girl.. I am ecstatic that God gave her to me with a head full of "bow ready" hair. Which then turned into "pony-tail" ready @ 3 months old, and now is officially..

PIGGIE READY!! *happy dance*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

To be a Dad..

I'm thinking... wow... it must REALLY be nice to be a Dad. Get to leave mom at home hanging with the kids while you go out and enjoy yourself, golfing, playing tennis, whatever. Do I seem bitter? I'm really not- I want my husband to enjoy himself. I just wish, in turn, I could also enjoy myself. Which leads me to my next question... Who's up for margaritas?! Cause I could sure go for one, or five.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He called my bluff..

Picture this: You're driving, trying to enjoy the only time in which you can legally have all 3 of your children restrained tightly and not get in trouble for it. 2 boys in the 3rd row, baby in the 2nd row. They have Blues Clues, toys, baby has a bottle.. all should be well for a 10 minute car ride. Not so much. After warning Brody over and over, i resorted to threats. "Stop throwing stuff or I will spank your butt" says me. All is quiet. I won. Then out of the mouth of the 3 year old comes "You cant spank my butt, you cant reach me". Dang. He got me on that one. *Note to self* bring a broom for the next car ride.